By Greg Argos

BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — A meteor flashed through the night sky Wednesday. It was seen by more than 350 people across the East Coast.

The Bucks County homeowners who captured the video first thought it was something else entirely.

“We were chilling in bed when our phones went off,” Sam Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez’s home security camera notified him and his girlfriend Joy Borsavage that something was caught moving in the backyard of their Bristol Borough home. Rodriguez’s mind immediately went to the little black and white critter.

“That damn skunk making the thing go off again,” Rodriguez said.

The skunk had set off the security camera several times over the past few nights.

“That’s Pepe Le Pew,” Rodriguez said.

But this time, it wasn’t that annoying skunk gallivanting through the backyard. Rather, the camera picked up something blazing through the night sky.

“Honestly, you didn’t know what it was. At that initial time, could it have been this, your mind just goes and goes and goes,” Rodriguez said.

The American Meteor Society says the fireball was seen in at least 12 states, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Rodriguez says he’s glad his cameras didn’t catch something more serious.

“Maybe part of an engine of a plane broke off or something,” Rodriguez said.

And though he and his family are getting plenty of attention from their space shot captured perfectly positioned between two sets of trees, Rodriguez says he’s looking for things to get back to normal around the neighborhood.

“You know I kind of want to see the skunk now,” Rodriguez said.

If you saw this event, you can report it to the American Meteor Society, here.