By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eagles fans were pretty upset this week when Wawa announced it would become the “official hoagie” of the Baltimore Ravens. Some fans even felt betrayed.

So Wally Goose, Wawa’s Mascot, wrote a letter to Philadelphia and Baltimore on Wednesday to respond to Eagles fans’ concerns.

“We’ve heard a lot of wings flapping up and down I-95 over the past few days! We recently honked news of our partnership with the Baltimore Ravens in honor of our upcoming 50th anniversary in the state of Maryland next year. And while we know passion for football runs deep in both cities, trust me when I say we didn’t intend to ruffle any feathers! Whether you are a Ravens fan or a Philadelphia Eagles fan, Wawa always wants the community to win.

To Philly – you know that we’ll always love our Philadelphia Eagles. We are a proud partner and the Official Hoagie of the Eagles, and we are deeply committed to our hometown with exciting new stores and partnerships. We thank you for everything you’ve done to be the wind beneath our wings for 55 years!

To Baltimore – as we close in on an incredible 50 years of serving you, we are thrilled to grow our nest and welcome the Baltimore Ravens to our flock of Maryland community partners. We can’t wait to serve you in so many exciting new ways coming very soon!

From Charm City to the City of Brotherly Love, we hope we can fly in friendly formation together in the future. We’ve always believed the best way to grow our flock is with new people and partnerships that strengthen our communities. And while we’ll certainly have more announcements to “honk” about in the future, rest assured that it won’t be about that team down in Dallas or over in Pittsburgh!”

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Don’t worry, Wawa is still the official hoagie of the Eagles.

Wawa’s sponsorship with the Ravens celebrates the chain’s 50th anniversary in Maryland. Wawa operates stores in six states and Washington, D.C.