By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Work on the new Scudder Falls Bridge will close a portion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike overnight. The road work will begin at 12 a.m. on Monday and last approximately six hours. Drivers should expect delays.

Beginning on July 24, five total interchange ramps will be closed because of work on the bridge.

The closures will primarily affect New Jersey-bound drivers in the immediate vicinity of the bridge.

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There are three ramps in Pennsylvania that will close Wednesday:

  • The I-295 eastbound off-ramp to Taylorsville Road
  • The Taylorsville Road southbound entry ramp to I-295 eastbound/southbound immediately before the old bridge
  • The Taylorsville Road northbound entry ramp to I-295 eastbound/southbound by the old bridge

The three Pennsylvania ramps will be closed for three weeks.

In N.J., two ramps will close:

  • The I-295/Route 29 interchange – the ramp will be closed for about three weeks.
  • Entry ramp to I-295 southbound near NJ Route 175/River Road – the ramp will be closed for at least one year.

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