By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The dangerous heat has people all across our region altering their routines, doing whatever they can to find relief.

Crank up that air conditioning because this heat wave has plenty of hot breath still left in it. PECO is prepared.

“We’ve placed some additional crews on standby so we can respond to any outages that might occur,” Greg Smore, with PECO, said.

Employees at some of Philadelphia’s bars and restaurants are ready for the crowds as well.

“Line is usually out the door and around the corner. You can see it usually from the other side Girard,” Weckerly’s Ice Cream employee Tony Shanks said.

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Weckerly’s in Fishtown is creating a unique offering to help those cool off from the heat.

“We are making a special ice cream sandwich that is shaped as an ice cream cone,” Shanks said.

For many, weekends are spent outdoors. But that’s usually when the heat index doesn’t reach Arizona desert temperatures.

The chill of the air conditioning and a cold soda while watching a movie sounds very appealing right about now.

“We are about to go watch Lion King and then catch dinner after,” one woman said.

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But of course there are people who want to somehow enjoy this weather.

“Grabbing an ice cold Victory and enjoying the breeze off the water here down in Penns Landing,” Zach Jones said.

And that’s pretty easy at the pop-up beach at Spruce Street Harbor park. A cold brew and sand between your toes may make you forget it’ll feel like 115 degrees outside.

“Summertime. Right? You deal with it. You bring beer. You bring flip flops. You bring sunglasses,” Bill Covaleski, with Victory Brewing, said.

Although many are enjoying the weather outside, it can be dangerous. It could feel like 115 degrees Saturday. Stay hydrated, and if you can, stay inside.