By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The heat is turned up to high and people all over Philadelphia and the region are trying to stay cool. While one fan at the Philadelphia Phillies’ game against the Los Angeles Dodgers used the tarp during a rain delay as a Slip ‘N Slide, others found different ways to beat the heat Wednesday.

The middle of a sweltering heat wave in Philadelphia has those working in the weather taking extra precaution.

“Staying in the shade. Sunglasses are very important,” mail carrier Ron Fasulo said. “Hydrate. I’ve got about 20 bottles of water in my truck.”

Fasulo has been walking his South Philadelphia route for four years. He knows the heat is extreme and feels for the new mail carriers who started the job just this very week.

“They want to quit already. It’s bad,” he said. “You’re not used to this.”

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Across town, those out of work but working out are few and far between.

CrossFit 2 St. in Pennsport is normally packed around 5 p.m. on weekdays, but just one member showed up Wednesday.

On Wednesday, fans were blazing but without air conditioner. Matt McColgan says the key to staying safe is hydration.

“I’ve been telling the members here all day – drink, drink,” McColgan said. “Finish the bottle of water, fill it back up and finish that again.”

Who knew that the 92 degrees it was inside could feel better than the 100-plus heat index just across the door, but some still felt it necessary to be outside, finding some fun places to cool off.

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One South Philadelphia spray center was filled with families and kids, while others created their own personal backyard versions.

“Heatwave. It’s awful, it’s brutal,” one Philadelphia restaurant employee said.

It’s brutal for business, too.

Finding a seat at these Market Street restaurants are usually a hard get, but not Wednesday.

“There is nothing really we can do, man,” an employee said. “It’s summertime in Philadelphia. It’s awful.”

There is one thing, grabbing one of Philly’s famous water ices.

“Once the sun goes down, it’s crazy,” a John’s Water Ice employee said. “We usually have a line wrapped around the corner. It’s rough.”