By Joe Holden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a new challenge that’s sweeping social media. This time, all you need is a photo and an app. Even Philadelphia athletes are getting in on the FaceApp Challenge.

The idea is to use a FaceApp filter to prematurely see what you’ll look like as you age.

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The Flyers tweeted out these photos of their lineup, saying, “Nope, we don’t like this one bit!”

The Eagles got in on the fun as well, tweeting out photos of Fletcher Cox and even Carson Wentz.

The team added, “We had a witty caption for these photos, but our memory isn’t what it used to be.”

But Drexel University criminology associate professor Rob D’Ovidio says buyer beware.

“I would delete it, certainly delete until we figure out, get more background on what they’re going to be doing,” D’Ovidio said.

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The company, based in Russia, has responded to concerns, saying it doesn’t access your phone’s photo library, only the picture you’ve selected to edit.

The Eyewitness News crew had some fun with the app.

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