By Chandler Lutz

MOUNT HOLLY, N.J. (CBS) — In the heart of a Mount Holly neighborhood, you might see a speedy good Samaritan helping out his neighbors, taking out their garbage and recycling cans even a quarter-mile away from his home. Larry Stamper – “S-t-a-m-p-e-r, no others around!” – has been taking out his neighbors’ trash and recycling bins for the past seven years.

“How long does it take you to take out all the cans in the neighborhood?” Chandler Lutz asked.

“Half-hour,” Stamper said. “I’m on the move.”

But Larry didn’t always have this can-do attitude. The 72-year-old struggled after returning home from the Vietnam War. But nine years ago, he was inspired to turn his life around after joining a support group for veterans.

“I quit smoking, I quit drinking, everything cold turkey,” Stamper said. “Best thing I ever did.”

“So you would say that was the turning point in your life, where you flipped the page?” Lutz said.

“Absolutely,” Stamper said.

Ever since, he made a vow: “Find a way to help somebody every time you can. So I took my whole block, then I took the next street over.”

Nearly 30 houses later, this small town can expect their No. 1 fan on the move every Sunday and Monday.

“My husband picks them up and puts them down, he picks them up and puts them down,” Stamper’s wife, Missie, said with a laugh.

And his neighbors can’t thank him enough.

“So you would say you’re happy you live next door to him?” Chandler asked neighbor Brenda Oresic.

“I’m very happy. That’s why we actually live here!”she said. “He’s really just an incredible person.”

Stamper refuses to accept any money or gifts from anyone.

“Some of them don’t believe that there’s still people that would be that nice,” Missie said. “He’s just doing it out of the goodness of his heart.”

We’re giving 3 Cheers to Larry Stamper as he keeps on moving and making us laugh.