PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Carson Wentz should not have a care in the world after signing a four-year contract extension worth a reported $132 million, which includes $107 million in guaranteed money. Now that it’s done, Wentz shouldn’t feel any pressure at all.

The Eagles are stacked offensively. Howie Roseman has made sure all of the proper pieces are in place when the Eagles kick off 2019.

At the hub will be Wentz, who’s reportedly looked strong during OTAs. More importantly, he’s healthy.

‘The Birds Are Betting Heavy On Wentz’: Why Extending Carson Wentz Was Risk Worth Taking For Eagles

He played in such pain last year that it altered his mechanics and his ability to be “Carson Wentz,” the Teflon quarterback who was able to escape seemingly impossible situations that translated into big plays in 2017.

The contract extension assures a happier quarterback who faced some questions this offseason about his health, and he appears to have come out stronger.

He’s a year older, and hopefully, a year wiser when it comes to protecting his body.

“There’s a lot of expectations internally with us,” Eagles Pro Bowl tight end Zach Ertz said. “Obviously, it’s early, it’s June. But you look around the locker room, in terms of talent, I’ve never been on a team like this. From the top to the bottom of the roster, we have guys competing at a high level.”

Carson Wentz Speaks For First Time Since Signing $128 Million Contract Extension With Eagles

“For a lot of guys, this is their fourth year in the system,” Ertz added. “The talent we have is so complementary to one another, as an offense, we set really high standards for ourselves. It’s up to us to execute. We have a lot of room to improve. Everyone here is focused on winning games. No one is focused on stats or anything.”

Despite the money, Wentz will still feel pressure — with perhaps the most coming internally from No. 11 himself.

This is Wentz’s team now. Nick Foles is gone.

The Eagles are a team capable of winning 14 games or more this year.

With a happier, financially solvent quarterback, it looks very possible.