PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – After recently joining SportsNet Los Angeles, former Phillie Chase Utley sat down to answer a few questions about his playing days. John Hartung asked Utley if he really hated the New York Mets and his answer is one of the many reasons he’s loved by Philadelphia fans.

“I do, I do, that’s all I have to say,” Utley responded.

He also says he didn’t get into any trouble for his famous F-bomb he dropped during his 2008 World Series parade speech at Citizens Bank Park — aside from the few “soccer moms” who got a little upset with him.

“I did not get into any trouble,” Utley said. “A few of the soccer moms got a little upset with me but I got way more high-fives than people yelling at me.”

Utley will be back at Citizens Bank Park on June 21 for the Chase Utley Retirement Ceremony when the Phillies take on the Miami Marlins.