By Cleve Bryan

VENTNOR, N.J. (CBS) — A Jersey Shore town is getting complaints after handing out new trash and recycling bins. Officials in Ventnor say they have received more than 100 complaints.

(credit: CBS3)

The streets of Ventnor have a new sort of curb appeal. The shiny brown and blue trash and recycling bins are only a few weeks old, and city officials are pumped to see their new investments in use.

Commissioner Lance Langraf says the cans, or carts as he likes to point out because they have wheels, come with attached lids to prevent loose trash from littering the street, and with a 96-gallon capacity, the blue bins are meant to encourage recycling and reduce landfill fees.

“The more you recycle we don’t have to pay for those tipping fees, so that was the impetus of this,” Langraf said.

Apparently, though, extra large isn’t the one size that fits all.

“They’re big, they’re unwieldy and they’re heavy,” Barbara Berman said.

Barbara and David Berman say they and their neighbors in a townhouse community don’t generate enough trash or have the space to store the new bins.

David Berman says neighbors are sharing bins and wasting space storing the extra ones in small closets, yards and decks.

“The other one is in the shed, taking up most her her shed,” he said.

In all, the city has received about 120 complaints after distributing 5,300 sets of bins, but they have a plan. On Tuesday, they ordered new smaller bins that people can apply for if they have problems with weight or storage space.

“It’s 65-gallon cans that will help some of the residents with the size,” Langraf said.

Anybody who wants to apply for a small can has to call or email Public Works in Ventnor.

Comments (2)
  1. Norma Jean Pepino says:

    I do not generate enough trash to use the containers. I put my trash in the neighbors. It’s an eye sore to see all of these large containers. People have no where to put them out of sight so they stay on the street in front of their properties. Wish they could come up with a better solution.

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