By CBS3 Staff

DOVER, Del (CBS) — A 90-year-old former City Councilman is facing charges after injuring a person when he drove through a crowd at the Pride Festival Parade. The incident happened just after 8 a.m. on Saturday in Dover.

Dover Police say Reuben Salters was arrested for third degree vehicular assault after he drove through a blocked street and hit a man during the parade.

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The area of West Street and Forest Street had been blocked off by a series of barrel barricades and cones for the festivities when authorities say Salters approached and disregarded the barrels that had the streets closed for the upcoming parade.

He then exited his vehicle and began moving several cones, when a 43-year-old male that was an organizer for the event stopped Salters and advised him that he could not pass through.

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The 90-year-old then got back into his vehicle and accelerated towards the crowd, striking the event’s organizer causing injuries to his legs.

Salters now is facing vehicular assault and failure to obey a traffic control device charges.