WAYNE, Pa. (CBS) – SummerFest is coming to the Main Line on Friday, but Vittoria Woodill got a jump start. In this week’s Taste With Tori, she visits a tea shop and cafe that’s in Wayne but delivers A Taste of Britain.

At A Taste of Britain, the clock always strikes tea, where you’ll find yourself sipping happy and noshing hard off a menu of sweet and savory treats that change daily like the royal guards.

“A rainy day is a great day for tea, a sunny day, it’s a great day for tea,” owner Debbie Heth said. “It’s always time for tea.”

They have dozens of kinds of tea and there is no need for all pomp and circumstance.

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Fun is exactly what Heth was searching for when she left corporate America to take over the British tea room.

While she’s added more than just light fare to the menu, she’s kept the best of what was brought back from over the pond.

“Our original owner Marie is from England and she opened A Taste of Britain in 1991,” Heth said. “So our scones, paste sausage rolls are still the tradition recipes that Marie brought, but there’s something about the cute little sandwiches and pastries.”

Watch the full Taste With Tori from the A Taste of Britain above. CBS3 SummerFest heads to the Main Line on Friday.

Vittoria Woodill