By Stephanie Ballesteros

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The name “Carson” rose in popularity in Pennsylvania in 2018, according to data released by the Social Security Administration. Data shows the name went from being the 81st most popular name for boys in the state in 2016 to 11th place in 2018. And it might have to do with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. 454 boys were given the name last year.

Pennsylvania isn’t the only place where the name has grown in popularity. In New Jersey, the name wasn’t even on the top 100 until 2018, when Carson became the 77th most given name in the Garden State, and in Delaware, the name went from 71st in 2016 to 10th in 2018.

Nationwide, the name was ranked the 70th most popular name, with 5,227 baby boys named “Carson” in 2018.

Now, the Social Security Administration did not provide data as to why the name has become so popular, but we can only assume Wentz and the Eagles winning Super Bowl LII has something to do with it.

The top male name in Pennsylvania is Liam and the top female name is Emma.

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Stephanie Ballesteros