PHILADELPHIA (CNN) – After eight years the world is finally about to find out how “Game of Thrones” ends. We know some characters will die. There will probably be dragon fire. A lot of us won’t be happy with the outcome.

Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess. That trailer for tonight’s episode told us very little (basically we know the Dothraki are still riled up and that Daenerys finally disembarked from Drogon).

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But hey, it’s fun to theorize. So we asked some big “GoT” fans here at CNN how they think the saga will wrap up.

Kendall Trammell, CNN Digital mobile producer:

Dany is still on her Mad Queen power kick. Between her, Grey Worm and Drogon, anyone who looks like a threat will be eliminated. That includes Jon, Tyrion, Sansa and even Yara Greyjoy if she crashes the party (which I hope she does). But Arya and Sansa are the smartest characters on the show — they’ve got a plan to take out Dany. Perhaps something similar to their plot against Littlefinger?

Who takes the Throne? Sansa. If you’ve watched the evolution of her wardrobe, she’s been priming herself to be the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms for quite some time. And Arya will act as her hand — because Bran weirds me out.

Matt Rehbein, CNN Ticker producer:

Very disappointingly, things don’t end well for Daenerys, but the bright side is it leads to Sansa and Tyrion sharing the Iron Throne in the end.

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Heather Fulbright, CNN Digital photo editor:

Jon Snow becomes the Night King. After killing Dany, probably. I know ‘GoT’ sort of ended the whole White Walker storyline but this was my theory from the beginning of the season and I’m not giving up on it yet.

Chris Farris, WarnerMedia Information Security Office:

I’d like to think Sandor’s last words to Arya have her riding off to Storm’s End to be with Gendry. I’d also like to think the Faceless Men assassinate Dany, Jon refuses the throne and Gendry gets it by right of being a Baratheon. So Queen Ayra the Night King Slayer … and Tyrion is dragon food.

Paige Levin, CNN Digital Video associate producer:

Varys definitely set something in motion before he died. It seems like he was attempting to poison Daenerys with the help of one of his little birds. Just before he’s executed, we see Varys burning a scroll followed by a pretty purposeful shot of him removing his rings. What if Varys’s rings contain poison, just like how Sansa’s necklace was used to kill King Joffrey? Perhaps he’s leaving the rings behind for someone else to use on Daenerys. With Dany gone, the Iron Throne will finally be destroyed and the wheel will be broken. Sansa and Tyrion will devise a more democratic system of government, where each of the Seven Kingdoms are ruled individually.

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Austin Mabeus, CNN Digital Video associate producer:

Arya is going to die because this is “Game of Thrones” and everything nice gets taken away from us. Jon kills Grey Worm in combat and Drogon tries to burn him but can’t, revealing that Jon is a true Targaryen. Tyrion poisons Dany and installs Jon on the Iron Throne.

AnneClaire Stapleton, CNN senior international news editor:

Sansa and Arya rule it all!! Jon Snow takes his place as the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms but relinquishes power to Arya and Sansa because clearly, they are much more comfortable making the hard decisions. Daenerys’ dragon eats her (OK probably not, but she deserves it after torching all those innocent people last episode).

Brandon Griggs, CNN Digital senior editor:

Daenerys is furious at Tyrion for freeing Jaime and has him executed. Jon, realizing that Dany is no longer the benevolent ruler he fell for, reluctantly kills her — with Arya’s help — for the good of what’s left of the realm. Grey Worm becomes collateral damage. The resilient Stark kids, knowing that Jon is too gullible and Bran is too creepy, come to their senses and appoint Sansa to the Iron Throne (with Brienne as her chief general). And sadly, we never see Tormund or Hot Pie again.

Trisha Ahmed, CNN Southeast Bureau news intern:

Jon, with his Targaryen blood, will command Drogon to kill Dany. Maybe Jon will even say “Dracarys.” And Drogon will obey.

Patrick Cornell, CNN Newsource content producer:

Grey Worm and the Unsullied betray Daenerys at some point. Tyrion kills Daenerys. Jaime and Tyrion were kindred spirits and think it makes sense for Tyrion to take on the role of Mad Queen Slayer.

Sansa will he installed as the new ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Jon relinquishes the title so he can return to Winterfell. That’s where he belongs, up north with his true friends. Brienne is made commander of Sansa’s new united army.

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And the Three-Eyed Raven takes over the last surviving dragon.

If I could write any storyline into this episode, it would be Cersei surviving the collapse below the Red Keep. I hope she made it out and finds a way to sail to a place she thinks is deserted where she could live in peace. Arya will find Cersei years later and finally cross her off her kill list. That should be the very last frame of the whole show.

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