By Alyssa Adams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Have you been made fun of for having a Philly accent? Next time it happens, make sure you let whoever is busting your chops know you have one of the sexiest accents in the United States.

A new survey says Philadelphia has the eighth sexiest accent in the country.

Big Seven Travel, an international media company, got their results from their 1.5-million social audience.

The infamous “Philly talk” is described as one of the world’s most unique dialects.

While Philadelphia ranked No. 8, New Jersey’s accent came in at No. 49.

The top three sexiest accents were Texan, Bostonian and New York.

  1. There is no such thing as “most unique.” There are no degrees of uniqueness. Either something is one of a kind or it isn’t. Perhaps you mean “most unusual.”

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