By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Five men have been shot in North Philadelphia, according to police. The shooting happened on the 1900 block of North Croskey Street on Friday night, according to police.

Police say three teenagers opened fire on a group of men walking down the street.

“These three guys ambushed these 10 or 11 folks that were walking down the street,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said. “They were obviously waiting for them. It’s tragic any time you get five people shot, regardless of what the circumstances are, but when you look at this video and see that it’s kids no more than 10th grade.”

Two victims are in stable condition and three others are said to be critical.

SEPTA Regional Rail Train Conductor Shot At Carpenter Station, Police Say

An investigation is ongoing.

Stay with for this developing story.

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  1. Michael Relaford says:

    I live on this block and was here when this happened. Didn’t know that this many were involved (I just kept my head down). I seriously need to move.

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