By Kimberly Davis

BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — Chemicals, gun parts and computer parts were just some of the items the man at the center of a series of Bucks County explosions is accused of buying. That has prosecutors concerned about how he got them.

Everyone Eyewitness News spoke with said 31-year-old David Surman Jr. needs to be behind bars again. Most people weren’t sure how he even posted bond in the first place.

“Probably not safe to have him out of jail. He doesn’t sound like he’s too stable,” Lehigh County resident Rich Percival said.

“He shouldn’t be out on bail anyway. He was a danger to the area,” Bucks County resident Cat Markel said.

Eyewitness News could not find one person who thought Surman should not be behind bars. Last spring, Surman was arrested and accused of a series of explosions in rural townships in upper Bucks County.

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“This guy had what they called ‘a weapon of mass destruction.’ I was just kind of terrified because my house is less than 1,000 meters away from his, so if that thing went up, we would have been toast,” Spinnerstown resident Nick Brulliea said.

Surman originally posted a $500,000 bond for possessing weapons of mass destruction. He then had to post another $500,000 bond after investigators say he was found with child pornography.

But Surman’s bail could soon be revoked. Bucks County prosecutors filed the motion after he allegedly purchased chemical compounds, gun components and computer parts over three months by using a fake name and social security number.

Eyewitness News attempted to speak with Surman, but knocks on his door went unanswered. According to court documents, Surman created phony PayPal accounts to make his purchases.

“The safest bet is him going back to prison, where he’s monitored,” Milford Township resident Ilan Gonzalez said.

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As the community waits to see what happens next, most are hoping Surman doesn’t have the opportunity to post bond again.

“I think they should just lock him up. They should put him behind bars until the court date at the very least, because we don’t want anymore of that stuff to happen around here,” Brulliea said.

A hearing on the motion is tentatively set for Tuesday afternoon.

Kimberly Davis