By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia’s iconic Broad Street Run is coming up this weekend and will attract thousands of runners and enthusiastic spectators. Part of the run’s proceeds go to cancer research and patients.

Eve English and some of her team are getting ready for the Broad Street Run.

“On any given day it’s a question if my legs remember how to run,” English said.

For English, a life-long runner, the 10-miler is special because she’s had two battles with breast cancer.

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“My chemo last year, I couldn’t move,” English said.

She’s better now and has dyed her hair purple, the color for cancer survivors.

“Yes, along with tutu with different color ribbons,” English explained of her outfit. “I’ll do probably a run/walk. I’m having a lot of difficulty getting back into running, I have neuropathy in my feet and my legs.”

When Eve and the 40,000 others in the Broad Street Run cross the finish line here inside the Navy Yard, they’ll be helping raise half-a-million dollars for the American Cancer Society.

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“It stays right here local,” Michael Brady, with the American Cancer Society, said.

Michael Brady with the American Cancer Society says the money will go towards things like lodging for cancer patients and families or providing free rides to and from treatment.

“We have 500 participants who commit to fundraise for ACS that money goes towards our mission,” Brady said.

Eve’s team called “Low and Slow” has raised over $20,000 for the Cancer Society. It’s her way of giving back.

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“I benefited from all the various ways the cancer society they put their efforts in. It’s not just the research, there’s so many different programs that are available to cancer patients and their caregivers, it’s just fantastic,” Eve added.

For Broad Street, Eve says it gets tough around Mile 7. But just like the battle against cancer, she says it’s all about determination and hope.

Stephanie Stahl