By Matt Petrillo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Protesters rallied outside Philadelphia’s City Hall Tuesday. They want officials to do more to protect workers.

Dozens of people came together outside of City Hall, demanding officials do better to enforce workers’ rights.

Philadelphia has an office of labor enforcement. It primarily helps crack down on wage theft — instances like workers not getting paid for overtime or employers taking worker’s tips.

“Just last week, I spoke with a worker at a popular restaurant, who says the restaurant has been underpaying their workers for years, refusing to pay overtime, or simply taking money out of their paychecks without any explanation,” Seth Lyons, with Community Legal Services, said.

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Many gathered said the city’s labor enforcement office needs to do a better job to protect workers, but they also acknowledge that in order to do that, the office needs more resources.

“We need to hold City Council accountable,” Madison Nardy, with One PA, said. “We need them to give more funding for our labor law enforcement in the city.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has proposed to increase spending for the labor enforcement office. City Council will decide how much, if any.

The council is in the midst of budget talks, which are expected to continue until mid-May.