By Alexandria Hoff

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) – A New Jersey man thought he lost thousands of dollars until a good Samaritan came to the rescue. Norman Minor and his wife, Jackie, were about to leave for vacation when Norman lost their vacation funds.

Norman took $2,500 from his bank, then went to several stores, including Walmart.

Shortly after leaving Walmart, he realized he lost the envelope with the cash.

“The money was gone. I said, ‘How am I gonna tell my wife that I lost our vacation money?’” Norman said.

He assumed it was gone for good, but little did he know the money was turned into Washington Township Police.

“One of our patrol officers was dispatched out to the Walmart because someone had found $2,500 in a bank envelope so he had brought the money in, logged it into evidence. The chief had gotten in touch with me and he said, ‘Listen, can you see if you can come up with whose money this is so we can get the money back to the owner?’” Washington Township Detective Jason Sims said.

Sims reviewed Walmart’s surveillance footage which showed a woman picking up the envelope.

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“Three people just walked right over it and she saw it and brought it right up to the desk,” Sims said.

The footage also showed the person who dropped it, but they didn’t know his identity, so they turned to Facebook for help.

“We got a tip from a lady that called in, she said, ‘I know this gentlemen, I’ve known him my whole life,’ and she expressed that he was away with his wife on vacation right now. And we were able to get in touch with him, he just came home yesterday from vacation and we were able to get him his $2,500 back,” Sims said.

Norman couldn’t believe someone returned the money.

“I said, ‘Oh my god, somebody found my money and turned it in,’” Norman said.

Sims and Norman have a message for the mystery good Samaritan.

“We appreciate it. Some people don’t think it happens too often. Someone would just take the money and not turn it in, but she did the right thing,” Sims said.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you again,” Norman said.

Alexandria Hoff