By Matt Petrillo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Several people were rushed to the hospital after a violent three-vehicle crash involving an SUV, a SEPTA bus and a paratransit vehicle in Mayfair Tuesday. None of the injuries are life-threatening, but some of the passengers have some bad scrapes and bruises.

The crash happened at Bustleton and Devereaux Avenues in Mayfair around 1:30 p.m.

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A crunched car, the toppled paratransit van and the busted SEPTA bus were all involved in a crash that stopped traffic at the busy intersection for three hours, just before the evening rush.

“I’m surprised everyone’s alive,” Mayfair resident Maggie Foley said. “That looks pretty bad to me.”

SEPTA officials say the Route 14 bus was stopped in front of the intersection as people were loading onto the bus. A Honda CRV was in front of the bus.

Then, an eyewitness said the paratransit van made a left turn too quickly onto Bustleton from Devereaux and slammed into two other vehicles before the van flipped over.

“It was a hard impact, we heard it over our jackhammers,” an eyewitness said.

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The man did not want to give his name but saw a single handicapped passenger strapped inside the paratransit van while it laid on its side.

“So I climbed in and my uncle got his legs and I carried his upper body across the street here,” the man said.

That passenger, plus seven people in the SEPTA bus and two in the Honda CRV were taken to a nearby hospital, all with non-life-threatening injuries.

The man who said he was driving the paratransit van wouldn’t talk on camera or give his name, but insists he was the one who was hit. Still, many people in Mayfair believe drivers need to slow down.

“I’m just glad everyone didn’t get hurt,” resident John Martin said.

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Police say they are still investigating the incident.