LAUREL, Del. (CBS) — The power is almost entirely back on in southern Delaware a day after an EF-2 tornado hit. Since 1950, there have been 14 EF-2 tornadoes or greater in the state, including Monday’s twister.

The twister, which touched down Monday morning in Laurel, Sussex County, was the strongest to hit Delaware since 2004.

The twister’s 120 mph winds tore a six-mile path of destruction, battering dozens of homes and barns. Some schools were closed Tuesday, and some roads in the area remain closed as the cleanup continues.

Only two other tornadoes of similar intensity to Monday’s twister have impacted Sussex County. Those happened on Aug. 12, 1955 and July 18, 1984.

On April 4, 1961, an EF-3 tornado struck Delaware, which is the strongest twister to impact the state.