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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – An owner’s personality can play a role in the behavior of their cat, according to a United Kingdom study. The study, “Owner Personality: Well-being of Cats Share Parallels with Parent Children Relationships,” examined 3,000 cat and owner combinations.

The headline correlates the idea that cat owners’ personalities may influence the behavior of their pet just as a parent can influence the behavior of their children.

The research found higher owner conscientiousness is associated with cats, displaying less anxious, less aggressive, and less avoidance behaviors.

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On the other hand the owners who scored higher on the neuroticism scale apparently had cats that showed more behavior problems. The cats displayed more aggressive, anxious, and fearful behaviors.

They may have even had an on-going medical condition and these cats also seemed to be overweight.

It is very important to understand that people have such a great bond with their pets that it does rub off, so that if you are conscientious and you are calm, everything is peaceful in your household, you are more likely to have that kind of behavior in your pets.