By Alexandria Hoff

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A couple’s wedding day is typically followed by their honeymoon. But there’s a new trend where newlyweds actually spend their honeymoon away from each other.

In the early days of honeymoons — early 1800s — it was a time for couples to travel and visit relatives who couldn’t make it to their wedding. So it was zero alone time, which is quite the departure from this new trend.

Take the honey out of the moon and you’ve got a solomoon. On Instagram, almost 1,500 posts display the reality of this new trend, where newlyweds decide to vacation alone or with friends after the wedding rather than with each other.

“You could go by yourself on a vacation but never a honeymoon,” one woman said. “Who are you supposed to make love to? Who are you supposed to kiss and caress?”

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All good questions and this woman was hardly alone in her reaction.

“It’s different if afterwards maybe you want to take a girls trip and you and your girlfriends go and they do the golf thing or whatever, but not for the honeymoon,” another woman said.

“In the beginning especially, you gotta go together, so I don’t think that’s the best option,” one man said.

Couples who solomoon cite the importance of independence, varying work schedules and being in a long-term relationship before tying the knot.

“Being together means being together, so I don’t think that’s the best option,” one man said.

To learn more, Eyewitness News checked in with Dr. Rita DeMaria with the Council for Relationships.

“In general, keeping that spark of romantic love alive can happen for a lifetime but people have to know how to work it,” she said.

DeMaria says calling a non-romantic trip a honeymoon is a bit misplaced.

“If they need a vacation because it fits their lifestyle, but having a honeymoon and calling it that, it’s just a romantic idea,” DeMaria said.

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And even for long-term partners, she says a trip together can reignite that crucial spark, even if the destination is a compromise.

“Make it work,” one man said. “Go one place for the honeymoon and go another place on the first anniversary.

“I don’t recommend y’all going on your honeymoon solo, I’m just traditional,” said one woman.

DeMaria added that it seems some people are seeking separate honeymoons as a way to rebel against tradition, and that’s fine as long as the couple prioritizes at least some special time together.

Alexandria Hoff

Comments (42)
  1. “Who are you supposed to make love to? Who are you supposed to kiss and caress?”
    What does it matter today? They’ve likely lived together for months or even years anyway. Being devoid of understanding true marriage relationships they’ll statistically end up separated in a few years anyway. Sad. This one messed up generation … thanks in large part to messed up parents.

  2. Mitchell Zucker says:

    Why did they not just marry Themselves? Why marry another person in the first place?
    Its become, Generation CONFUSED AND EMPTY.

  3. Markey Farrell says:

    Generation ClueLess

  4. Lewis Tonite says:

    And they pay money to do this?
    Back in the ‘olden days’ we just got married and went to work the next day…

  5. Ann Williams says:

    I don’t believe for one second that this is a real trend. Seems like just another piece of mainstream media propaganda designed to break apart families and ensure that we’re all weak, alone, and miserable.

  6. Douglas Barnett says:

    I agree. I think Solomoon-ing is likely to be correlated more highly to or with couples who lived together before they were married, than with couples who began living with their spouses only after getting officially married.

  7. Jo-anne Twinem says:

    Depending on which study you look at, couples who live together prior to marriage are anywhere from 50% to 80% more likely to divorce than those who don’t co-habit. If you don’t hold covenant in high regard, and see your marriage as sacred, the wedding day and it’s aftermath are just a legal thing. And legal things tend to be boring. Insist on messing with what was designed to be good and beautiful, and you too will probably want to escape from your concoction.

  8. This has to be from the Onion

  9. Hal Slusher says:

    Why get married if you are not going to be with each other?

  10. John Powledge says:

    Silliest idea I’ve ever heard. These couples are cruising toward divorce. It is the couple that plays together that stays together.

  11. Jack Inmanz says:

    Yeah, Mr. New Groom. You probably think your blushing bride is visiting her great aunt. Fact is, she’s spreading that fine thing around Cancun until it’s worn out.

  12. Tony Smith says:

    We all have different routes to learn. Some of us are as dumb as a box of rocks, so they have to learn the hard way.

  13. Brett Massony says:

    Fake Trend!

  14. Hal Grisham says:

    The Bigger Problem is that folks are no longer getting married like they were even 10 years ago.

  15. Bob Wahler says:

    I know you THINK you are more “evolved”. Truth is, yer just sad.

  16. Dan Roth says:

    I doubt this is much of a trend. It’s something a minuscule percentage of people do, and it’s only being highlighted because ‘news’ hax become about provoking people to get attention.

  17. Dave Hardesty says:

    Well when you have been milking the cow for free over the years you probably need a break as you look for the next cow. Why even get married at all?

  18. Most now days live together before getting married. So why worry about a honeymoon?

    1. Amy Kensey Baldi says:

      Most couples have been cohabiting for years. Why need a honeymoon? Everything about the nuptual bed is old and worn out! Honeymoon isnt necessary! Save your money!

  19. This sounds like a casualty of modern culture in which couples regularly cohabitate before getting married. What’s the point of a trip together when you’ve been doing it all along? And also, what’s the point of marriage when a couple has already been cohabitating for years? It’s easy to see how our culture has become so warped because of its inability to properly understand sex and marriage.

  20. Mike Favetti says:

    Total madness, what sort of miserable self absorbed bunch of young people have we raised?

  21. Why bother getting married if you immediately vacation apart? Wait a few years…then you will BOTH need the break. But not when it’s new. This is time to start to build the bonds that carry you over the years.

  22. Joe Campbell says:

    It is called mental illness!

  23. Carl Ball says:

    most will end in divorce

  24. Jonathon Howes says:

    Probably lived together and this gives them time to escape? Huh?!!! The Honeymoon is supposed to be the fun Christmas Unwrapping Moment.,. Now, there’s no thrill or surprise… the gifts were already opened… so, it is just a boring vacation.

  25. Bill Loyal says:

    You have to be a real selfish miserable person (Aka Millennial) to do something like this. Why even, it sounds like you are incredibly immature if you need that much “me time” that or you are looking to cheat

  26. Warren Kek says:

    Millennials are so ghey.

  27. Rebecca Graf says:

    Just don’t get married.

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