By Vittoria Woodill

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Despite Friday’s winter weather, the Delaware Valley is thinking spring as the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show kicks off at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This year’s show is all about flower power, paying tribute to the impact that flowers have on people’s lives.

The Philadelphia Flower Show is always a place for petal lovers to peruse endless impressive plants and fragrant flowers. The judges on the Horticulture class competition floor have to take an even closer look because spotting perfection takes time and deliberation.

There are 10 panels of judges with three judges on each panel. Philadelphia Flower Show chairman Don Slater said some of the panelists are specialists and others are generalists.

“This panelist standing behind me is specialists in bulbs,” said Slater. “They’re looking at tulips and daffodils. They’re very good at what they do, they understand things like how difficult it is to grow some of these bulbs.”

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That makes it even more difficult to pick one blue-ribbon winner.

“There can be many different reds, many different yellows, but there’s only one blue,” said Slater.

One judge is Kathryn Andersen, a bulb specialist who knows how to pick a winner in a row of daffodils that, to the general eye, may not look so different.

Andersen has some advice for growing daffodils.

“Keep them wet. You want to use a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen and hope for the best,” said Andersen. “Tender, love and care.”

The Philadelphia Flower Show opens Saturday and runs through March 10.

Vittoria Woodill