By Alexandria Hoff

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Weddings are all about love but they can also involve a great deal of drama. Social media loves it so much so, there’s a growing trend of bashing the big day.

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As if planning a wedding isn’t hard enough, now couples have a new concern.

“Guestzillas” are using social media as their venue to sound off.

Marriage is about two people but a wedding essentially is a public event and some might include restroom needs or a pop or camouflage. Both are popular sources of ridicule inside of the private social media groups out to shame weddings.

“I think everyone should be entitled to having their day the way that they want it and not be judged for it,” said Angelica Rugege.

These sites, though, are no judgement-free zones.

Multiple private Facebook groups enjoy tens of thousands of members each day and they are secretive, no doubt.

In order to be accepted as a member to one of these groups an applicant must agree to a list of policies – namely that none of what is posted in the group can be screenshot or shared.

The “That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming (non ban-happy edition)” has nearly 68,000 members and describes itself as, “A group where we can all come together to bond over cringe-worthy wedding and wedding related events!”

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Many of these groups ban identifying people in the photos, singling out religious traditions and body shaming, but they welcome making the bride the butt of the jokes.

“I feel like everybody just wants to look beautiful on that day and to look the best they can look,” said Chrissy Marshall, a manager at Bijou Bridal and Special Occasions in Ardmore.

In the bridal industry, people like Chrissy are used to brides trying to balance their own style and the two-cents of others.

“When you bring a lot of people you get a lot of different opinions and that adds a little bit of pressure,” said Marshall.

Their goal is to keep brides looking lovely and staying focused on the moment, not the haters who may lie ahead.

“All that, ‘Oh, I wonder if people are going to look at my pictures down the line and shame me on it,’ it doesn’t really matter,” said Marshall. “As long as you are happy with what you experienced that day that’s all that matters.”

Experts suggest that couples not dwell on pleasing everyone on their big day because you just can’t.

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Even if you think your style is timeless, 30 years from now, pictures will tell a different story.