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BORDENTOWN, N.J. (CBS) — A South Jersey restaurant owner shared a photograph of a hateful and ignorant message a couple left for a multi-lingual server Thursday night. Santiago Orosco, owner of Under The Moon Cafe in Bordentown, shared a picture of the couple’s check, which had “Don’t Tip Immigrants” written on the back of it.

In the post, Orosco, who is “a very proud immigrant,” says the couple who left the message appeared to be in their mid-to-late 40s, and had no issues with their experience.

The couple “raved about the food, the décor and the service,” Orosco wrote in a Facebook post.

But at the end of the night, the xenophobic message was found on the back of the couple’s check.

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Orosco believes the couple overheard their server speak Spanish to another employee.

“She was very distraught,” Orosco told Eyewitness News of the waitress. “She was crying, she was very taken aback by this situation an that’s not good. Unfortunately, the racism right now, because of the world we live in, is a little more out there, but it’s not acceptable my any means.”

“I am utterly shocked at this blatant ignorance,” Orosco writes.

“At Under the Moon we accept all people but not ignorance and discrimination,” Orosco writes. “PLEASE DO NOT COME BACK!!!”

The couple’s server was an American citizen of Spanish descent and is multi-lingual. She was born in America, Orosco notes.