BOSTON (CBS) “I do not believe in jinxes. They are fake. They do not exist but I quickly learned after the game when they lost that most everyone on the internet does believe in jinxes,” Eddy Ferrini said.

Ferrini, a dedicated Pats fat, is referring to the tattoo he got ahead of Super Bowl LII.  His friend dared him to get all the Patriots Super Bowl wins tattooed on his back.

But he admits he jumped the gun when he included Super Bowl LII — a game the Patriots ended up losing.

Eddie Ferrini's Patriots Super Bowl tattoos

Eddie Ferrini’s Patriots Super Bowl tattoos (Photo Credit: WBZ-TV)

“If we do win this year which I’m hoping — we have a good shot. I hope all will be forgiven,” he said.

While his ink is permanent, Ferrini has a quick fix in mind. All he needs is one more ‘I’ for Super Bowl LIII.

Ferrini, who is studying finance and accounting at Northeastern University, has always loved the Patriots. “I’d really love to see them win a Super Bowl and if I have to go alone all, good with me.”

He already has his plane tickets to Atlanta for the big game and is waiting to get tickets for the game.

On Instagram, another Patriots fan is pleading for the chance to see the big game.


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Dear Patriots, I don’t have the💲💰💵 kicking around to buy SBLIII tickets but I’m more then willing to volunteer my labor for any job in exchange to be in ATL @ MBS during SBLIII. I promise to give it everything I got. I will not be done until you say I’m done and if you want more I’ll give you more!!! Nothing is too big or too small I just want to be part of you guys playing n the big stage and I am at your disposal in order to do so. Thank you for any consideration. -Stew- P.S. I have my own reliable transportation and can get myself to the job site or ATL #NewEnglandPatriots #DoYourJob #OneMore #NotDone #EverythingWeGot #SuperBowl53 @mercedesbenzstadium @stoolpresidente @lacesoutshow

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Robert Stewart is offering to work to see the Patriots play. “It pretty much sums it up in my post. I’d be willing to do anything. I put no limits on anything… volunteer work. I do furniture making. I’ll even take out the trash,” he said.

Without jinxing them again, both fans feel pretty good about the game.

“You can never ever discount the Patriots they are always going to put themselves in a position to win and now we’re at Super Bowl LIII,” Stewart said.

Ferrini has a little extra faith in his quarterback. After all, he carries him on his sleeve. “Brady hasn’t been touched. They are running the ball. I like their chances,” he said.