By Greg Argos

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Jack Nicholson famously said in “A Few Good Men,” “You can’t handle the truth.” It turns out people can handle the truth more than you think.

A new study says it’s better not to mask your feelings.

Researchers from the University of Chicago learned people anticipated honesty to be less agreeable and more detrimental to a relationship than it turned out to be.

“If you keep lines of communication and honesty open, it makes it a lot simpler,” said one woman.

In the experiment, participants were told to maintain total honesty in every conversation they had for three days. The responses were compared to three other days, when people could answer freely, perhaps a white lie here or there.

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It turned out most people wanted to hear the truth, even expected it, especially when that truth came from a close friend or partner.

So next time she asks if those pants look good on her or if he wants to know if you’ll mind if he stays out a little later with the guys, don’t sugarcoat it – tell it like it is.