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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eagles fans sure are faithful. That includes one man who vowed to attend every single Eagles game this season as a bucket list goal.

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And he’s made it to them all! But it wasn’t all about football for this former Philadelphia resident.

We all have a bucket list of items we want to do in life. Well, one Eagles fan was confronted with the need to pull his out — and boy has he gone the distance this season.

Koroun Butler has cheered on the Eagles from Dallas to New York, he’s met Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and head coach Doug Pederson.

And it was all because of a chance encounter at a London cigar bar.

“Thirty minutes after getting there, here comes [NFL commissioner] Roger Goddell and they sit right across with me and we just start talking,” Butler said.

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The commissioner invited the fan to watch the most recent Eagles game in Chicago from his skybox.

So it seems Butler is one of the luckiest members of Eagles nation around, except, that’s not exactly true.

“I guess the technical name is myocarditis,” Butler said. “I basically had a virus that attacked my heart.”

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In February of 2016, the condition caused Butler to have a stroke. Eyewitness News spoke to the Philly native from where he now lives in Arizona.

“It’s kind one of those things that puts things in perspective,” he said.

With recovery came that new perspective and a bucket list wish — attending every Eagles game in the 2018-19 season.

“My original goal was just to go to the regular season games and then we snuck our way into the playoffs, now I gotta go to Chicago,” Butler said.

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He hasn’t missed a game yet, and won’t be missing the Eagles as they take on the Saints, thanks to the Eagles front office getting word of his game day commitment.

“Our Philadelphia Eagles are actually flying me to New Orleans for the game, putting me up and showing me a good time,” he said.

The moral here, dream big and if you’re and Eagles fan, show up.

“We’re going to do what we do and I mean, at this point, I figure why should we stop winning?” Butler said. “We are playing with house money so we might as well go all in now.”

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Butler flies out to New Orleans Saturday and returns Monday. Hopefully, he’ll be gearing up to attend another Eagles game.