By Greg Argos

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The relationship is over, so what’s next? Many believe a clean break helps them move forward.

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“Out of sight, out of mind,” said Jess.

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So it’s no surprise the reaction folks are having about Gwyneth Paltrow’s honeymoon. She went on her honeymoon with her new husband Brad Falchuk and brought her ex-husband Chris Martin along.

“I don’t think I could ever stand seeing someone I was dating date someone else,” said one woman.

When CBS3 told people about Paltrow’s honeymoon, the responses included, “That’s weird,” “That’s like me bringing my girlfriend and my ex on a date together,” “It doesn’t work like that,” “What do you think would happen if you did that,” and “You’d have two ex-girlfriends.”

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In a recent interview, the actress says she went with her ex, her current husband and their kids to the Maldives. She calls it the modern honeymoon.

“She can call it what she wants. It’s one man, one woman. Period,” said a man.

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Dr. George James is a senior therapist with the Council for Relationships and says Paltrow’s decision is unique.

“That does sound new,” said Dr. James. “I’m not really surprised by much, that does sound surprising.”

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But, James says couples have tried to stay in touch after a divorce, especially if they have children together. Many even stay friends.

James says the key is to over-communicate.

“There has to be a lot of clear communication and honesty because it’s easy for someone in that trio to be jealous or to be nervous about what’s really going on,” said Dr. James.

For some, that’s easier said than done.

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Now, experts say keeping in touch with an ex-spouse is not a great idea for couples who may have resentment or anger issues with one another.