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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Loud noises are a part of life. From thunder storms to accidentally slammed doors to even a dropped pans, sometimes unexpected noises can arise. If your dog responds in a significant manner it might be indicative that your dog has noise sensitivity issues.   In this week’s CBS3 Pet Project, Carol Erickson explains the signs to consider to measure your dog’s sensitivity to noises and what signs are out of the ordinary.

Carol Erickson explains that if your dog shows fear or anxiety with loud or sudden noises then it might mean your dog is in pain. Signs to look out for include shaking, trembling and hiding. Researchers found that this commonly occurs when dogs get older in age and noise sensitivity is less common in younger dogs. Still, she says if you notice these signs you should take your dog to the vet. Carol Erickson also adds that since so many people are on diets, rawhides are very hide in calories. Rawhides also pose other risks such as getting caught in a dog’s body and lead to medical problems.