By Cleve Bryan

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TABERNACLE, N.J. (CBS) — The holidays are over and while many of us are tossing out old Christmas trees.

Tiffany Coverly and her family are collecting them, after all, they’ve got some hungry mouths to feed.

That’s right they’re feeding Christmas trees to their goats.

While goats have a reputation for eating just about anything—Coverly says pine trees are actually good for them.

“It’s loaded with Vitamin C which is really healthy for the goats and it’s good for natural deworming,” said Coverly of The Grazing Goat.

The Coverlys have 21 goats on their property in Tabernacle. They started goat farming a few years ago after learning about the health benefits of goat milk for their son Jayden who has ADHD and spectrum disorder. But goat milk isn’t easy to come by.

“In order for us to get raw goat milk in New Jersey we had to start farming our own goats,” said Coverly.

The goats are now part of the family and everyone enjoys the milk. Tiffany even started making goat milk soaps and lotions.  First, they were just for friends and family, and now she runs a business called The Grazing Goat.

If you live far from Tabernacle but would be interested in donating your Christmas tree to a goat farm, she says her goats aren’t unique, pretty much all goats love eating Christmas trees and a farm near you would be more than happy to take it.