By Greg Argos

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Resolutions go hand-in-hand with the new year, and there’s one challenge that’s gaining popularity around the world.

It’s called Dry January. You cut out alcohol for the entire month, but it’s benefits can last a lot longer.

New research shows cutting out all alcohol for just 31 days has long-lasting health benefits.

Even if you pick up the habit later in the year, data shows that you end up drinking less than before, per week.

If you’re trying to get better sleep, while saving money and losing weight, experts believe Dry January is for you, and you only have to do it for 31 days.

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Having a Dry January is a popular New Year’s resolution but are Philadelphians hopping on board?

“I think I failed that one already, but OK,” one Philadelphian said.

“I don’t know about that,” said another.

New research from the University of Sussex in England shows quitting booze for a month can lead to better concentration and sleep, clearer skin and even more cash in your wallet.

The study found the benefits continue even if you pick up the habit when Feb. 1 rolls around.

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In Philly, it was hard to find someone committed to a January filled with water and soda. After all, the Birds’ Wild Card weekend is just days away.

“You know you gotta crack a beer, eat wings, and the Eagles are still in,” one man said.

But at Smith’s Bar in Center City, where many believed a Dry January was referring to the weather, one person committed to being alcohol free — the bartender.

“After the holidays and stuff, you’re constantly drinking and eating. It’s nice to take a break,” she said.

If you want to try to take 31 days off from drinking, experts suggest trying to accomplish this in small goals.

Say, not drinking for one week and then extending it from there.