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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Clumping, non-clumping, gel crystal, pine, corn? Small box, large box? With so many considerations to make when choosing the right cat litter for your furry friend, it’s no surprise that it can get confusing quite quickly. In this week’s CBS3 Pet Project, Carol Erickson explains how to choose the appropriate cat litter.

The first thing that Carol explains is that “most litter box problems are caused by humans.” The second important tip the pet advocate offers is that cat litter should be clumping kind as it feels more natural for cats. While cat preference matters and Carol says you should pay attention to the hints your cat offers, she adds that the depth of the litter box should also be considered. For kittens under seven weeks of age, non-clumping litter is recommended as they might ingest it. For every cat you have, there should be one extra litter box with the larger box put in a quiet, accessible place. Beyond that, it’s also important to remember to scoop daily and replace the litter as needed.

cat litter Tips To Actually Get Your Cat To Use A Litter Box

Credit: CBS3

  1. Perry Eisenschmid says:

    You forgot to include the innovative litter systems that use permanent litter like Tidy Cats Breeze or the Cat-illac Cat Toilet. With these systems you never have to buy or change litter again and stop filling our landfill sites with millions of tons of litter. Although the Breeze system uses litter pads that need to be replaced, the Cat-lilac system uses a large holding tank that you just pour into your toilet. These are very easy to use and I highly recommend them.

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