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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Put down your avocado toast, get off the “gram”, and listen up. Hasbro thinks it has created the perfect game for the millennial generation.

Meet Monopoly for millennials — selfie included. The tagline for the revamped version of the longtime classic board game is “forget real estate, you can’t afford it anyway.”

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Which means places like Baltic Avenue and Boardwalk are gone. Instead, you win the game by collecting experiences. For example, pack your bags for a week-long meditation retreat or grab that credit card for a trip to an artisan coffee shop.

While some millennials are getting a kick out of the renewed game, created over 80 years ago, not all millennials though are enjoying the game’s new digs.

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“I know there has been some mixed reaction to it, but it really shouldn’t be surprising to anybody. They’ve been doing this to Monopoly for ages,” says Matt Hendricks, owner of Philly’s first board game cafe, Thirsty Dice.

“We get a lot of families during the daytime but in the evenings we get a lot of people in their 20s and 30s,” adds Hendricks.

From the hashtag game piece to the rule which states the person who has the most student debt rolls first, the game introduces several modern themes to entice the younger generation of board game players.

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Hendricks says the game is meant as a parody on the classic and most millennials seem to understand that.

“It hurts because it’s true,” says one person of the games mockery of current affairs.

And if the pain is too much, you could always go to your safe space and try another game. Battleship anyone?

Despite the controversy, the game is apparently pretty popular.

It was sold out at every store in our region with the exception of one.