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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It may be where you live or how far you live from your partner that determines your next breakup.

The website House Method surveyed more than 1,000 single men and women about turn-ons and turn-offs of when it comes to a romantic partner’s home.

Results showed that 66 percent of women and 56 percent of men would break up with their partner if they lived in a “rough” neighborhood.

Credit: House Method

More than 30 percent of singles say they would end a relationship if a partner lives “too far” from their own home—even if that’s in the same town.

And when it comes to a roommate, the answer depends on gender.

More than 83 percent of women surveyed say that they would not date a partner who lives with their parents, and 63 percent of men say the same.

Only 20 percent of women say that a partner having a roommate is a deal breaker in a dating relationship, while 39 percent of men say that a roommate situation would be enough to call it off.

Credit: House Method

According to the study, some of the biggest turn-offs for women are guns on display, a junky home, empty alcohol bottles, politically affiliated décor and Disney paraphernalia.

Men are similarly turned off, but swap Disney paraphernalia with their date having a small pet – like a hamster.

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