By Greg Argos

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It sits perched in the corner of many a cubicle with its large footprint, tangled cord, and tiny screen, surrounded by oh so many buttons. Few people even know how they work.

So is it time to say goodbye to the office desk phone?

“Nobody uses it. It’s just a waste of space I guess,” says one person.

At home you’re likely using a cell phone and let’s be honest– you’re probably only texting on it.

Landlines have long died off. In fact, the National Center for Health Statistics shows the majority of households—54 percent–only have cell phones. And it looks like the office is following suite.

This past summer, employees for the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in the U.K. were issued cell phones. Only reception areas kept the old-school clunkers.

Here in Philly, most workers say that’s a good idea to cut the cord and finally hang up the desk line.

“It’s just a waste of space,” said one person.

“I get to use Skype and things like that,” another said.