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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Gritty was freaking out over his popularity this Halloween as the number of Gritty costumes reached highs.

A Twitter thread by the newest NHL mascot teasingly blasted replica Gritty’s for their inability to actually pull off his unique, wild look. “This whole day’s nuts orange EVERYWHERE,” Gritty tweeted as his fans began to roll out en masse to trick-or-treat.

It turns out that Gritty is very particular about his “lewk“. A true Gritty stands at 7 feet tall and will have fuzzy, squeaky paws. He also adds that to be considered a real Gritty, the eyes must move in all directions at any given time, walk on two legs, and be “thiccc” with three C’s.

Any less would not make for a realistic Gritty according to the fantastical creature himself.

Still, credit needs to be given where due since some of the Gritty efforts since they ranged from ridiculously adorable to hysterically creative.

Gritty wasn’t the only mascot getting love from fans though and the Phanatic even made an appearance during Halloween festivities.

“Oh come on,” tweeted one fan who thought their Gritty costume was pretty great. “I make a pretty good one!!”

“Stay Gritty out there. But not TOO Gritty,” Gritty told fans at the end of his funny Halloween rant.