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MOORESTOWN, N.J. (CBS) — You could call it “the sisterhood of the traveling chairs.” Some South Jersey women are giving mastectomy patients a lift.

Several times a week, you might spot ladies in pink walking into Mac’s Janitorial Services in Moorestown to pick up what they call “Recovery Chairs.”

“We named this chair the Angela Chair. We named this chair the Peggy Chair,” said Danielle Stuffo as she gave a tour.

Stuffo and Danielle Koenig are loaning motorized lift chairs free to women who are undergoing mastectomies. Mac’s cleans and sanitizes them at cost. Then they’re delivered to homes.

Their friend and helper, Peggy Ragazzone, was one of the first Recovery Chair recipients. She had a mastectomy this summer. During recovery, she couldn’t lift herself off a bed or couch.

“Having that chair, I didn’t have to worry about that,” Peggy said. “How am I going to get comfortable if I need to get up in the middle of the night?”

The Danielles knew another woman in the same boat.

“I decided to buy a chair and pass it around,” Koenig said.

“One chair became two, three, now we have 22 chairs,” Stuffo said.

On this day, they were dropping off to Kelly Moye. She was a few days away from a double mastectomy.

“I think every time I sit in this chair, I will remember that somebody was thinking about me and cared enough about me to give me this chair,” Kelly said.

Each chair also comes with its own pink-covered journal for women to write their stories and pass on with the chair.

Peggy said, “I hope that the recipient that has it today right now reads the journal and knows we’re all there with her.”

Kelly is now recovering in her chair. In several weeks, the Danielles will return to Kelly’s home to pick up the chair for the next home.

“We just helped another person,” Stuffo said.

“And made a new friend,” Koenig said.

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Ukee Washington