By Stephanie Stahl

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A spiral contraption is giving breast cancer patients new benefits with both cosmetic outcomes and radiation.

Carolyn Kelly, 51, an active mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a year and a half ago. That’s when Einstein breast surgeon Jennifer Simmons explained that the spiral device called BioZorb could help avoid a mastectomy.

“So when she told me that we could still do the lumpectomy, I was pretty relieved,” said Kelly.

BioZorb | Credit: CBS3

BioZorb, which comes in different sizes, does two things. The first is cosmetic– to fill in where the cancerous tissue is removed.

“It serves as a lattice. It is open so it allows for tissue in-growth, and it really supports the tissue and leads to very good cosmetic results,” said Simmons.

As the tissue grows in, the spiral dissolves leaving behind titanium clips or markers. Its second use is to guide any future radiation that might be needed.

“So that patients end up getting less radiation, therefore less scarring,” said Simmons.

Follow up mammograms, where the markers highlight the surgery site show Carolyn remains cancer free.

“I, pretty much back to normal. Everything has worked out really well,” she says.

Now she’s happy to get back to house repairs, dragon boat racing and feeling good about herself.

“But I think that the overall cosmetic outcome is great. I think I look amazing!” said Carolyn.

She obviously thrilled to have the new device, it’s only used on some patients who are eligible for lumpectomies and it also depends on the kind of cancer and its location.

Stephanie Stahl