By Vittoria Woodill

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SPRINGFIELD, Pa. (CBS) — From the outside, Springfield High School could be perceived as just a building, flooded with teenagers, getting schooled before heading into adulthood, but what you see, taste, or even hear is not always what something is.

“It’s your brain lying to you. This is what I want you to hear, but you’re not hearing it,” said senior Sarah Dahleh.

That’s what Springfield’s AP Psychology class has been exploring — perception. They’re learning about the many ways the mind plays tricks on you as a result of our senses.

“I was amazed by how my brain was able to fill in the gap of a song when there weren’t any words,” said senior Will Helverson.

The students have learned a lot.

“The brain knows so little about itself,” said senior Michael Fadgen. “It can’t figure its own self out in a way, it’s crazy. That’s my favorite thing to learn about — the power that which powers us.”

Vittoria Woodill