By Trang Do

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DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — In Delaware County, charges are pending against a homeless woman and a teenage boy suspected of breaking into cars in Springfield.

Springfield Township Police said the spree ended with the woman, Tylesha Cave, 25, crashing and flipping a stolen car just feet from a home where people were asleep inside.

“It sounded like a tree hit the house,” said Tyler Bollinger, who lives at the home on the corner of Spring Valley Road and West Leamy Avenue.

“She pretty much came down the hill, doing like 80-90 miles an hour, went through the tree and then got airborne from hitting the tree and then my truck caught her car and slammed here,” he added.

Bollinger’s truck was heavily damaged, but likely saved his home and the people in it.

“She was moving,” he said. “If she was moving fast enough to go through a tree, she was going to keep going.”

Chief Joe Daly said it all started around 1 a.m. on Pancoast Avenue, when a man saw another man going through his neighbor’s car.

“As he’s out in the street, he hears an engine revving up behind him, a vehicle with its lights out coming towards him,” Daly said. “He takes a few steps aside and the vehicle adjusts towards him, he’s in fear of getting struck so he jumps out of the way.”

Police say Cave was the person behind the wheel, who then led officers on a short chase that ended in Bollinger’s front yard. Medics transported her to the hospital with a minor injury. She’s now in police custody.

“Luckily, it’s that time of the morning where there’s not much moving around at 1 a.m. here, so we’re very fortunate that no one was seriously hurt,” Daly said.

Officers picked up Cave’s 16-year-old male accomplice on foot about a half-mile away from the scene.

They also recovered a stolen gun from Upper Darby and other items taken from cars in the mangled vehicle.