By Stephanie Stahl

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new, less invasive procedure being done on the Main Line is helping patients feel better about their looks. This is targeted for the chin and neck area, and is an alternative to surgery and injections.

It’s the profile view of herself that Gina Trott especially hates.

“I didn’t like the double chin and lack of jawline,” said Trott. “The lax skin underneath my neck was really dragging my face down and making me look older than I feel.”

The 52-year-old turned to Newtown Square plastic surgeon Christian Subbio who says lots of people have issues with their neck and jawline.

“I have so many women and men coming into the office and complaining, especially these days they’re on the phone all day, constantly looking down,” said Subbio of Newtown Square Plastic Surgery. “This area, as we age, loses elasticity, it deflates, and it begins to hang and fall off of our chin and jawline.”

Instead of the traditional surgery, Subbio has a less invasive solution.

“A new form of micro needling which is adding energy and heating to the skin to cause further contraction,” said Subbio.

It’s called Morpehus8 and is designed to tighten the skin.

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“The main draw of this technology is it allows a newer form of shrink-wrapping the skin,” said Subbio.

That’s used in the combination with a device called FaceTite.

“It will go under the skin and the probe on top will heat the area between the pro,” said Subbio.

The heat increases collagen production which also tightens the skin.

While it process might look painful, Subbio says when it is localized the patient doesn’t feel a thing.

Trott had some minor bruising and swelling right after the treatment but it was easily covered with makeup.

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“I think it’s great, I’m really happy,” she said.

The results are supposed to improve even more over time but it costs between $4,000 and $6,000. It is not covered by insurance because it is cosmetic.

Stephanie Stahl