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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As pets get age, much like humans, they can begin to develop health problems. Sometimes, these issues can appear as cognitive problems. In this week’s CBS3 Pet Project, Carol Erickson explains how to recognize signs of cognitive impairments in aging dogs and preventative measures to take once those signs have been noticed.

Carol Erickson and Greg Argos discuss the symptoms aging pets display as their age catches up with them. Carol explains that common symptoms include disorientation, change in social interactions with humans or other pets that they’re familiar with, longer or interrupted sleep cycles, unusual house soiling if they’re trained, and a decline in activity. She says these symptoms can be remembered by the acronym DISHA. Though these symptoms have a gradual onset, Carol urges pet owners to be aware of them and to get your pet to the vet if they display these signs as there is treatment available.

Credit: CBS3