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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (CBS) — Authorities got more than they bargained for during a major drug raid in California and found a puppy in desperate need of help.

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The 3-month-old pup, now aptly-named Bud, was rescued in Santa Barbara.

Credit: CBS3

Footage shows the happy, healthy pup running and playing, but deputies say that’s not what he looked like on Wednesday.

Officials say he was in pretty bad shape when they found him at a home during one of their drug busts.

“It looked like he was sick. And also, he was huddled around several chemicals that they used in the cultivation of marijuana,” explains Sheriff Brian Olmstead.

“When the puppy arrived at the Santa Maria Animal Center he was lethargic, salivating profusely, and he was reported to have vomited,” said Stacy Silva, an official from Santa Barbara Animal County Services.

Officials were very concerned for his safety, but vets looked after Bud and nursed him back to health.

Credit: CBS3

Vets looked after bud and nursed him back to health.

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Now, Bud is off to his forever home. One of the cops who found Bud wants to adopt him.

“This little guy made quite the impression on every detective and deputy on scene. He is a little fighter and has quite the story to tell. I am excited to give him the home he deserves,” the detective, who remains unidentified due to his assignment, said.

The sheriff’s office says that if Bud’s original owner is found, they could face neglect and animal cruelty charges.