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RICHMOND, Va. (CBS) – A former University of Pennsylvania graduate is suing his ex-fiancée over a $100,000 engagement ring.

Ryan Strasser, who is a lawyer in Virginia, says he wants his ex-fiancée to give him the ring back after breaking up 11 months after the engagement.

Strasser claims the 4-carat diamond ring was a conditional gift that must be returned if the marriage failed to occur.

According to the complaint, his ex-fiancée told him “she expected Mr. Strasser to propose to her with an engagement ring within one year of the start of their relationship.” She allegedly insisted she deserved a “large” engagement ring because she did not believe in “wasting” money on a wedding, so instead they should spend extra on an engagement ring, “something she would enjoy daily for the rest of her married life.”

Strasser says he took out a $30,000 personal loan, maxed out two credit cards, and used his savings to pay for the ring.

After the breakup, his ex-fiancée said she would return the ring, but according to the lawsuit, she later changed her mind.

The complaint does not say what led to their breakup.