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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Dating can be hard, but with dating trends like ghosting, orbiting, and now curving, on the rise, it’s only getting harder for loveless daters in the modern world.

Curving, the latest dating trend, in its simplest terms means to reject a suitor in a deliberate, but polite, cold, and disengaging manner.

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For instance, a curver typically will respond to a suitor’s text, but they will not ask questions and they won’t try to keep a conversation going.

Another example of curving is that they will delay a response to a text message and respond a day (or more) later with a response akin to “Oh sorry, just seeing this” when in reality they’re just ignoring you, but not-so-politely telling you they’re not interested.

A curver will not initiate conversation with you either. Oftentimes, their disinterest can be subtle and is notorious for driving daters crazy.

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This dating trend might drive you crazy on your journey for love, but at least it isn’t as bad as being defrauded by a serial dine-and-dash dater or stalked by a woman that breaks into your home sends 65,000 text messages after being rejected by you.

However, don’t lose faith, because reports indicated that online dating was the most common way that newlyweds met in 2017.