By Cleve Bryan

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CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — Thursday proved a picture-perfect day along the Delaware Riverfront and some people have been enjoying themselves at Cooper’s Pyne Poynt Park, otherwise known as Cooper’s Poynt Park.

Cooper’s Poynt Park, which opened last year, is part of an ongoing collaboration between Camden city and Camden County to create more safe places for kids to play.

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It’s also home to a baseball field, a handball wall, and two basketball courts for visitors to enjoy. Millions of dollars have been spent in recent years to revitalize old parks and create new ones.

The park was abuzz Thursday with the sweet melody of kids being and feeling carefree.

Providing a fun and safe setting, Cooper’s Poynt Park gave families a chance to enjoy one of the most pleasant days weather-wise that the area has experienced all summer.

“Today is just beautiful, today is a really good day,” Dorrie Allen said as she sat underneath an umbrella, watching her grandchildren.

Usually, she would have a spray bottle and a fan on her at all times in August, but the unusually cool weather has given them respite.

“I pick up my grandchildren, Monday to Friday, and we go to a different park. Every day we do a different park cause they all live in different areas. I’m from Parkside, Camden,” Allen added.

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“Camden City is going through a great revitalization, there is so much action in this city,” said Camden County Freeholder Jeff Nash.

Beyond Cooper’s Poynt Park, some in north Camden enjoyed a full day of sunshine by making a splash at Von Neida Park’s‘ playground.

“It’s real nice here. I’m here all the time with my daughter,” Carmen Thorne told Eyewitness News.

For many park visitors, it didn’t matter what they did so long as they were outside.

“Oh, it’s incredible. It’s a beautiful day to be out with my kids and we’re checking out a new park today,” said Peter Frank.

More initiatives are still underway to create and improve parks in Camden.