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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s finally settled, Central Jersey is a real thing, that’s according to “Chief Supreme Justice of New Jersey’ comedian Jon Stewart.

Stewart appeared on CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to tackle the important issue.

“The Late Show takes a look at a small civil war between the north, the south and the middle part,” said a voiceover in a video produced by The Late Show. “It’s citizens often identify with being from north or south jersey and they don’t get along.”

New Jersey Governor, who claims to be from Central Jersey, spoke to Colbert about the debate.

“They’re desperately wrong. It’s a little bit of a mystical kingdom, kinda a Camelot, it’s in the mist, so you really have to sorta grasp it and live it—it’s not abstract, it’s there I promise you,” the governor said of Central Jersey.

The Late Show even dived into other New Jersey debates like: is it a “sub” or a “hoagie,” is it “Taylor Ham” or “Pork Roll.”

But the dagger in the heart came when “Justice” Stewart made his final ruling.

“Central Jersey does exist. Philadelphia does not exist… a suburb of northwest [expletive]… also known as Delaware.

I guess some people are still salty the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.